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Nose Thread Lift

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Nose Thread Lift

The common problems with nose are Flat Nose, Ill-defined Nose and Short Nose Tip.

The nose defines the balance of the face and a beautifully shaped nose that is in balance with the rest of the features defines beauty. A well-shaped nose has a straight bridge, a neat rounded tip and nostrils that are the ideal size in proportion to the rest of the nose. If you have a flat nasal bridge, a round and bulbous tip, and a short, wide nose, you may like to consider a nose thread lift.

A minimally invasive procedure by inserting absorbable threads into nose bridge and tip area for enhancement. This treatment has minimal downtime. The procedure is specially targeted at giving you a straighter, higher and more defined nose bridge or nose tip.

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Was doing Nose Thread Lift, up to my expectation and very satisfied with the quality of service from the doctor, staff and environment. I managed to have all my questions thouroughly to help me decided what's best.
- Chee Kee Hung -
Definitely giving them 5 stars. The treatment was perfectly done by doctor and staff, environment is good too.
- Mia Kang -
The doctors are very skillful and knowledgeable. The consultants are friendly and they explained pre and post care very well. It makes me feel comfortable. Overall, very professional team and excellent customer service.。
- Vincy Leong -
Top aesthetics clinic in Malaysia. Done few treatments here and I got effective result. Doctors give me good consultation and advice. Staffs are very friendly.
- Joanne Hoh -
Professional service in a very clean environment with friendly staffs that cater to your needs. Couldn’t ask for more.
- Amir Hakim -